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Aero Bowls Groove - Standard colours

Aero Bowls Groove - Standard colours

  • £34400


The Groove is specifically designed to cope with all UK outdoor greens including uneven, track surfaces. It is a mid bias, effective all round bowl. The GrooVe is used by Alex Marshall MBE and Billy Mellors and outdoors by Ellen Falkner, Sian Honnor, Marc Wyatt, Jon Tomlinson, Willie Wood MBE, Jamie Walker, Ronnie Duncan and Neil McKee to name but a few. It is also a ideal short mat bowl.

We supply all types of Aero Bowls. Below are all the colours available. The most popular sizes and colour combinations are available in UK stock. Others are custom made in Australia and delivery times are around 6 weeks from confirmation of order. 

Place your order today and we will contact you directly to confirm choice of logo.

Questions? Contact us now on 0117 962 0191.

Available Colours


Aero Bowls have a massive range of Logos available to be engraved on your bowls in either 'Standard' or 'Large' size. Large logo have small additional charge shown on this page. Once you order, we will contact you for your choice. It is also possible to use your own custom image.

For example the left image is a small logo of a bear and the right the large version.

Trajectory Chart

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